Ready to Start Cooking?


We all wish for the day we are able to find the resources, passion and courage to live the life we were meant to have versus the one we seem to be living. Finding the courage required to be who we were meant to be versus the person we believe others expect us to be can be a seemingly impossible hurdle. And then it happens. You begin to speak of your dream to loved ones, friends and anyone who will hold still long enough for you to paint the picture of your future, and suddenly, it becomes real.

Morsels as You Wish is the culmination of just such a dream. One that was nourished through the years by cherished family and friends who have believed in the concept, the mission and the values expressed by Chef Amy.

To build a full service culinary firm on a foundation based upon these principles:

  • food should nourish both body and soul
  • nourishing the body and soul should embrace eating joyfully and thoughtfully
  • eating organically, heirloom and locally are essential ingredients in every recipe
  • food should be fun; and finally
  • playing with your food is the one rule of your Mother’s that you should break at every opportunity!
At Morsels as You Wish we are committed to providing food experiences that exceed your expectations for quality, service and the creation of food knowledge that will carry you forward in your own food journey.